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JC: POCUS & The Intracranial

This weeks readings:

McCormick et al. Point-of-Care Ultrasound for the Detection of Traumatic Intracranial Hemorrhage in Infants A Pilot Study Pediatr Emer Care 2015;00: 00–00


  1. What problems are posed by separating the acquisition of POCUS images from their interpretation? Does this also occur with radiology department imaging?
  2. Would you feel comfortable using this test to rule-out ICH? To rule-in ICH? How would you see yourself improving patient care with this POCUS application in practice?
  3. How would you design the next study on this topic? How would you make it both accurate and feasible?


Choi et al. Optic nerve sheath diameter in hydrocephalus surgery. Anaesthesia 2015. doi:10.1111/anae.13180


  1. I’m an emergency doctor, not a neurosurgeon! How does this study affect me?
  2. What do you think of the image quality and measurements illustrated in the figures?
  3. What do you think of the decision not to analyze data from children whose operations failed?
  4. Are you satisfied with the data being presented as a mean?