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JC: Femoral Osteomyelitis & U/S Training of Medical Students

This weeks readings:

Hayden, G. E., Upshaw, J. E., Bailey, S., & Park, D. B. (2015). Ultrasound-Guided Diagnosis of Femoral Osteomyelitis and Abscess. Pediatric Emergency Care, 31(9), 670–673.  [Attached]


  1. How does the presence or absence of an effusion affect the likely diagnosis of a septic joint?
  2. If the subperiosteal collection was absent (which can be the case in osteomyelitis), how do you think POCUS would have affected this case?

Dinh, V. A., Dukes, W. S., Prigge, J., & Avila, M. (2015). Ultrasound Integration in Undergraduate Medical Education: Comparison of Ultrasound Proficiency Between Trained and Untrained Medical Students. Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine : Official Journal of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine. [Attached]


  1. The year 3 and year 4 medical students were asked to participate voluntarily. How does this impact the results of this study?
  2. What do you think of the goal of the study?
  3. Does this make for meaningful medical educationresearch?
  4. What do you think of the conclusions they make?
  5. Do they prove the “importance of implementing this skill early on during a student’s medical education”?

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