1. Pysics and Knobology
  2. 2 Steps for Optimal POCUS Device Setup
  3. How to Select the Appropriate Transducer
  4. Tutorial: How to Scan a Toddler With POCUS
  5. Tips on How To Manage Restless Children During POCUS Scans
  6. How to Position a Paediatric Patient During POCUS (Mandarin)
  7. 3 Steps to Introduce New Clinical Applications in the ER
  8. How to Increase Control over PEM POCUS Transducer
  9. Increased Parent Satisfaction Wen Bedside POCUS Used

Skin & Soft Tissue

  1. Skin & Soft Tissue
  2. Tutorial: How to Utilize the Water-Bath Technique for POCUS
  3. 3 Rules for Assessing Soft Tissue Infections Using POCUS
  4. Determining Soft tissue Edema Using POCUS
  5. How to Determine Soft Tissue Infections Using POCUS
  6. Identifying Cellulitis, Abscess, Foreign Body & Lymph Nodes (Hebrew)


  1. FAST-Abdomen
  2. FAST-Chest
  3. Tutorial: how to perform an eFAST exam using POCUS
  4. Spotting Lung Sliding Using POCUS (Portuguese)

Pneumonia & Pleural Effusions

  1. Lung
  2. Tutorial: how to perform a lung exam using POCUS
  3. Subpleural consolidations=Bad Term
  4. Using POCUS to Diagnose Pleural Effusions
  5. Focused Lung Scans: A Lines and B lines (Hebrew)
  6. How to Identify Pneumonia in its Early Phases Using POCUS
  7. Spontaneous Pneumomediastinum Spotted by POCUS
  8. What to Consider When Conducting POCUS Focused Lung Exam
  9. Thymus and Pneumonia in Lung POCUS-Spot the Differences!


  1. Cardiac IVC B-LINES
  2. Tutorial: how to perform a focused cardiac POCUS

Neck Masses

  1. Neck Masses
  2. Using POCUS to Identify Lymph Node Transitions
  3. Cysts


  1. Airway
  2. Tutorial: How to Perform Airway Exam Using POCUS
  3. When Chickens Strike Back-Impacted Food Bolus & POCUS


  1. Ocular: Trauma & Swelling
  2. Ocular: ICP
  3. Tutorial: How to Perform an Ocular POCUS
  4. Diagnosing An Orbital Abscess Using Ocular POCUS
  5. How to Maximize POCUS Scan of the Eye
  6. Proper Technique for Measuring Optic Nerve Sheath Diameter (Hebrew)
  7. How to Get the Best View to Assess Papilledema with POCUS (Hebrew)
  8. POCUS Helps Diagnose a Case of Leukocoria (Hebrew)

Bowel Ultrasound

  1. Appendicitis
  2. Appendicitis Update
  3. Intussusception
  4. Pyloric Stenosis
  5. Bowel Obstruction & Fecal Retention
  6. Tutorial: how to perform an abdomen exam using POCUS
  7. POCUS Features You Can Use to Diagnose Perforated Appendicitis
  8. What Intussusception Looks Like in POCUS
  9. Case of Intussusception (French)
  10. POCUS Finds Dilated Loops of Bowel, Expediating Child’s Care
  11. How an Appendicitis Would Have been Missed
  12. 10 Year-Old With 2 Basketball-Sized Cysts-Identifying Pseudoascites with POCUS
  13. How POCUS Transformed an Appy to an Intussusception (Hebrew)


  1. Renal
  2. First Trimester Pregnancy
  3. Scrotum & Groin
  4. Pediatric Gynecology
  5. Twinkler Artifacts Identify Kidney Stones Using POCUS
  6. TMAs Bladder Scans Using POCUS (Portuguese)
  7. How to Identify Testicular Torsion with POCUS
  8. How to Rapidly Diagnose Testicular Torsion in Paediatric Patients
  9. Using POCUS to Identify Renal Trauma
  10. Using PEM POCUS for Bladder Assessments
  11. Neonatal Testicular Torsion in the ED-Seen on POCUS!
  12. POCUS Used as a Rule-In Test for Testicular Torsion
  13. POCUS Scan Finds More Than a Hydrocele for this 3-Month old
  14. POCUS Identifies Ovary
  15. Using POCUS to Assess Bladder Volume Before Urine Catheterization


  1. Biliary


  1. Bone/Tendons
  2. Joints
  3. Identifying a Hip Effusion Using POCUS
  4. 3 Steps When Scanning Skull for Fractures
  5. 3 Tips to Performing Skull POCUS
  6. Using POCUS for Diagnosing SKull Fractures vs. Sutures (Hebrew)
  7. 1st week of Fellowship, Saves a Boys Limb Thanks to POCUS


  1. ENT Without Ears or Nose
  2. Can’t Scan Intraorally? Try the Transcutaneous Approach
  3. Earring Backing Found Using POCUS


  1. Nerve
  2. Lumbar Puncture
  3. Learn a New Nerve- Blocking Technique for PEM POCUS
  4. 3 Quick Tips to Improve Peripheral Venus Access with POCUS
  5. Tips on Using POCUS for Nerve Blocks (French)
  6. Confirming Intraosseous Infusion Needle Using POCUS
  7. Child Relieved of Pain Through POCUs Assisted Femoral Nerve Block
  8. POCUS Guided Femoral Nerve Block in Non-Accidental Trauma
  9. Using Forearm Nerve Block for Boxer’s Fracture


  1. Shock
  2. Positioning POCUS in the Resusc. Room (Portuguese)
  3. POCUS Used to Guide Fluid Management in Shock Patient
  4. POCUS Aiding Infant Resuscitation


  1. How to Incorporate POCUS into your Clinical Practice
  2. POCUS aide a être plus efficace (French)
  3. Neonatal (5 Weeks Old) Cardiac Case & How POCUS Reverses Cognitive Bias (Part 1)
  4. POCUS Reduce Cognitive Load (Part 2)
  5. POCUS Leads to Expedited Diagnosis of IBD
  6. Point-of-Care Ultrasound Leads to More Efficient and Accurate Diagnoses in SickKids Emergency
  7. Becoming Effective Emergency Physicians-POCUS Confirms Diagnosis


  1. 4 Things to Consider in Academic Studies of PEM POCUS
  2. Why do a PEM POCUS Fellowship?
  3. POCUS is Augmenting our Clinical Examinations
  4. Key Points When Evaluating POCUS Articles (Hebrew)
  5. Do you Know your Anatomy? Here’s Why It’s Important