Home POCUS Use is Inevitable

It seems inevitable that ultrasound technology will join the growing list of technologies used by patients at home as the democratization of healthcare unfolds.

This week's X-Prize announcement that DMI won the Nokia Sensing Challenge for its robust, portable blood analysis device proves that traditionally complex medical care is migrating away from the hospital and into the home.

This trend was predicted by Clayton Christianson in 2001 [disruptive technology in healthcare] and has long been a topic of conversation and speculation among POCUS enthusiasts.

What patients do with this new information and how it impacts our current healthcare system will be fascinating to observe. More importantly, for those of us actively engaged in POCUS academia, should our attention be focused on the patient? Will they be the ultimate end user for POCUS?

Winning XPrize Medical Gadget Could Run Hundreds of Lab Tests on a Single Drop of Blood http://spectrum.ieee.org/tech-talk/biomedical/diagnostics/winning-xprize-medical-gadget-could-run-hundreds-of-lab-tests-on-a-single-drop-of-blood