PRO/CON #2: Google Glass + POCUS?

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google glass

We have an image of what we think future hospitals will look like - artificial intelligence providing diagnoses, robots doing surgeries, and machines printing out organs. But getting to that 'future hospital' has proven to be exceedingly more difficult.

Google Glass is one example of a technology with great potential for use in the medical industry, and especially so with point of care ultrasound. Equipped with a handheld transducer, POCUS users can use Google Glass to perform quick, easy and seamless scans of patients.  However, the technology lost some momentum.

Below is a great infogram summarizing the pros and cons of Google Glass in the medical industry, and helps demonstrate its strengths while noting the current deficiencies that are holding it back.

What do you think? Will EM docs be scanning patients on the go with these glasses any time soon? Or is the price tag, lack of security, and uncomfortable handling an obstacle it has yet overcome?