4D Virtual Reality in 2016

virtual reality

There are several challenges to developing effective, practical and hands on training programs.  This is especially so in the medical industry, where our subjects tend to be patients, and often times procedures that require the most training are only suitable when patients are most vulnerable. 

Virtual reality glasses provide some solutions by virtualizing environments and immersing the user within it.  Most glasses however are attachments to a virtual reality rig where users stand in to traverse the area around them (think: mini treadmill).  They lack the ability to track your own body movements. 

But what if we created a body suit linked to the glasses, and placed the student in a real, physical room that they can actually interact with?

That's where The Void comes in.  Barring any delays, The Void plans to open four-dimensional virtual reality gaming arenas by 2016.  Check out the video below, it speaks for itself. If they can do this for gaming, think of the potential for medical training.