Introduction to PEM POCUS

"Manual of Ultrasound for Resource-Limited Settings". The Partners in Health. First Edition, 2011

Ultrasound Physics & Knobology
- A (hopefully) less painful take on Physics and Knobology for the point-of-care ultrasound clinician. Enjoy!

Back to Basics - Transducer Manipulation 
- How to slide, tilt, rock and rotate your way to a decent view of whatever you need to see.


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POCUS Focused Abdomen - Collection of Images 
- Jason Fischer, The Hospital for Sick Children


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Appendicitis Remix - "In this episode we do something a little different than normal. Instead of giving you a “great save” story, we’re gonna talk about how it can go wrong. What we don’t want to do is scare you away from doing this exam. However, it’s important to inject some humility occasionally, especially when we’re talking about an advanced scan." -
Episode 02: Appendicitis - "Seriously, you’re still CT’ing every RLQ pain? Get with the program and learn why and how to ultrasound for appendicitis. If this isn’t a skill you have, why not? Maybe you don’t see patients with abdominal pain, but if you do, check out this podcast" -


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Bedside Ultrasound Diagnosis of Pediatric Intussusception
- Samuel Lam, Advocate Christ Medical Center

Intussusception Part 1 - "You’ve got a little bugger with belly pain and they may have intussusception…..or they could just have gastro. How to know? Well, this isn’t the xray podcast. Of course, you’re going to ultrasound them. Or if you’re not, watch this and hopefully you will afterwards." -
Intussusception Part 2 - "Have you been scanning some little bellies for turducken? We sure hope so. If you’ve waiting to hear from the man, Andy Sloas, before diving in, then the wait’s over. Here he is for Intussusception Part 2. He does this all the time and is a scanning maniac. Like Russ, he knows his stuff." -

Pyloric Stenosis

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Right Upper Quadrant (RUQ)

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Airway Confirmation

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Quit Mainstemming Kids: Airway Ultrasound - "We know you’re awesome and you never mainstem intubate children or adults. Of course, the literature says even the best peds EM trained docs mainstem about 30% of the time, but you’re best of the best. However, if others are doing this, you should at least watch this so you can “help them”……right? Enjoy…" -


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Emergency Echo Lecture
- Arun Nagdev, Highland General Hospital


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FAST - How To Lecture
- Vicki Noble, Massachusetts General Hospital

POCUS Basic FAST Lecture
- Jason Fischer, The Hospital for Sick Children

Ultrasound for Anterior Pneumothorax
- Arun Nagdev, Highland General Hospital

POCUS E-FAST - Collection of Images
- Jason Fischer, The Hospital for Sick Children

Gyne: First Trimester Preganancy

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Essential 1st Trimester Pelvic Ultrasound 
- Heidi Kimberly shows you how to use Transabdominal ultrasound to assess for intrauterine pregnancy (IUP)


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POCUS Inferior Vena Cava - Collection of Images
- Jason Fischer, The Hospital for Sick Children


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POCUS Focused Lung Lecture
- Jason Fischer, The Hospital for Sick Children

POCUS Focused Lung - Collection of Images
- Jason Fischer, The Hospital for Sick Children

Musculoskeletal (MSK)

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Nerve Blocks

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Ultrasound Guided Nerve Blocks in Emergency Care
- Mike Stone, Highland General Hospital 
October 16th 2011 Moscone Center San Francisco CA

Distal Sciatic Nerve Block
- Mike Stone, Highland General Hospital
A quick intro to scanning and planning your approach to a popliteal sciatic nerve block

Ulnar Nerve Block
- Mike Stone, Highland General Hospital
A 2 minute intro to scanning and planning your approach to an ulnar nerve block

Radial Nerve Block
- Mike Stone, Highland General Hospital
A 2 minute intro to scanning and planning your approach to a radial nerve block

Median Nerve Block
- Mike Stone, Highland General Hospital
A 2 minute intro to scanning and planning your approach to a median nerve block


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POCUS Focused Ocular - Collection of Images
- Jason Fischer, The Hospital for Sick Children


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Ultrasound Guided LP - The Essentials
A quick video demonstrating the technique for finding the relevant landmarks in an ultrasound guided lumbar puncture

Another WIN for Ultrasound: the Wire In Needle technique for CVC Placement
Details on the technique coming soon at

Bladder Volume (BV)

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Ultrasound Guided Central Venous Cannulation Tutorial
- Arun Nagdev, Highland General Hospital

Intraosseous (IO)

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peripheral intravenous line (PIV)

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POCUS Resuscitation - Collection of Images
- Jason Fischer, The Hospital for Sick Children


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POCUS Focused Skull - Collection of Images
- Jason Fischer, The Hospital for Sick Children

Soft Tissue

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POCUS Soft Tissue Lecture
- Jason Fischer, The Hospital for Sick Children

POCUS Soft Tissue - Collection of Images
- Jason Fischer, The Hospital for Sick Children


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