Kirstin Weerdenburg


Dr. Kirstin Weerdenburg completed her pediatric residency at the Cleveland Clinic, then completed pediatric emergency medicine and pediatric point-of-care ultrasound fellowships at the Hospital for Sick Children. She is currently an associate staff physician in the Pediatric Emergency Department at the Hospital for Sick Children


Fellowship, Pediatric Point-of-Care Ultrasound,
Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, ON, Canada

Fellowship, Pediatric Emergency Medicine,
Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, ON, Canada

Residency, Pediatrics,
Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH, Canada


She has an interest in training and educating medical students, postgraduate medical trainees and staff physicians in point-of-care ultrasound and is also involved in clinical and medical education research.


Desjardins MP, Weerdenburg K, Fischer JW. Emergency point-of-care ultrasound diagnosis of diaphragmatic hernia in the Pediatric Emergency Department. Pediatric Emergency Care. In press.

Yeh JP, Kwan CW, Weerdenburg K, Fischer JW. Point-of-care ultrasound diagnosis of bilateral retinal detachment associated with Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada disease in the Pediatric Emergency Department. Pediatric Emergency Care. In press.

Textbook Chapters:
Weerdenburg, K (2014). The Case of the Woman in White. In Chan, Thoma, and Lin (Ed) Medical Education in Cases: Volume 1 (1st Edition). San Francisco, CA; Academic Life in Emergency Medicine. ISBN: 978-0-9907948-0-6.

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