Can POCUS users recognize CHD?

Question:  What percentage of newly diagnosed congenital heart disease patients referred to SickKids could have been identified by a POCUS user at the initial point of healthcare contact? 


Prospectively gather all newly diagnosed cases on CHD as they present to SickKids Cardiology (perhaps for 1 year?) Gather data on 1) what type of CHD, 2) where they were referred from, 3) etc.

Review the Echocardiograms to determine in what % a diagnosis of CHD could have been made with a standard POCUS view by a 1) EM MD, 2) PEM MD, or 3) FP with standard POCUS training

** Perhaps even pull images of CHD and randomly mix with normals and test a cohort of MDs (iLearn software) to validate the assumption that MDs can count chambers and recognize gross abnormalities.

Many details to be ironed out but I would love to look at this issue.

Here's why it could become more and more important: 

risk of CHD 0.7% in general population; increases to 5-15% if a parent has CHD.  More and more CHD patients living and having families worldwide.   post-natal time in hospital is short POCUS more accessible concern for generalists "ruling-out" CHD based on assumption that the majority are easily recognized

Plus nice chance to collaborate.

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