Viral LRI - subpleural consolidations?​

Presence of sonographic subpleural abnormalities in children with suspected viral lower respiratory tract infection

Significance of some lung POCUS findings is unclear. May represent focal atelectasis or early bacterial infiltrate.

Prospective observational study; convenience cohort

Age range

Presenting with acute cough (duration?) ?+fever;

Discharge diagnosis = viral illness (?other variants)


-?PRAISE; or do POCUS team members do this as part of their shifts?; POCUS rotators can ask treating team to bring up study

-treating team introduces the study to the family

-treating team notifies research team if they have a child with suspected viral LRTI that they are planning on discharging

Ultrasound operators

-POCUS faculty and POCUS fellows

-"have performed more than N lung ultrasounds"

-?PEM fellows if they've completed POCUS rotation

Zone Lung POCUS for presence of


-small subpleural consolidation

-multiple B-lines

Treating team notified if POCUS reveals findings considered highly suspicious for pneumonia (large subpleural consolidations with air bronchograms).


-Telephone call (7d ? 10d? 14 d?) after discharge

-Any MD visits? Admission?

-Any antibiotics prescribed?

If YES, was imaging performed prior?(can we have them prospectively consent to is getting reports?)

-Symptoms: days of fever; days of cough; overall improvement (scale? 1-10?)

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