Week 2

Friedman, L. M., and Tsung, J. W. Extending the Focused Assessment With Sonography for Trauma Examination in Children. Elsevier Inc. 2011  VOL. 12, NO. 1

Rabiner, J. E. et al. Accuracy of Point-of-Care Ultrasound for Diagnosis of Skull Fractures in Children. Pediatrics; originally published online May 20, 2013, Volume 131, Number 6; DOI: 10.1542/peds.2012-3921

FAST Part 1/6 - Introduction to the FAST Exam
- A quick intro to the purpose, structure and impact of the FAST on clinical management of the trauma patient

FAST Part 2/6 - Getting the Right Upper Quadrant Right
- A brief talk on assessment of the RUQ using ultrasound in trauma patients. Scanning tips, image interpretation, limitations, etc. Enjoy!

FAST Part 3/6 - Heidi Kimberly Does the Left Upper Quadrant
- Details on the left upper quadrant view for the FAST exam.

FAST Part 4/6 - The Pelvic View
How to get a view of the pelvis and interpret your findings.

FAST Part 5/6 - Pneumothorax (E-FAST)
- A 10-minute introduction to using ultrasound to exclude (and occasionally confirm) pneumothorax.

FAST Part 6/6 - Josh Rempell Covers Hemothorax and Reviews Pneumothorax
- Brief recap on pneumothorax, followed by a thorough discussion of hemothorax. Remember you may see "the spine sign" with significant pulmonary contusion or consolidation as well as effusion.